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I will be writing about benefits of using an event management software in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, let me give a small introduction to this website.

Airmeet: The best hybrid event management software

Airmeet is a cloud-based virtual event management software that was created in 2019 and is rapidly rising in popularity among event planners worldwide. They are a forward-thinking organisation that constantly adds new features to guarantee that your attendees have a positive event experience.

It is particularly well-known for its social webinars, which place a strong emphasis
on social interaction and networking among participants. Airmeet literally changed
the way virtual events are conducted and experienced by the audience.

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Why I created EventsDirectory.co?

I created EventsDirectory.co as I had experience of negotiating, coordinating and creating marketing collaterals for B2B events while I was working in a corporate communications team in an Information Technology company. During those days, I used to search for events happening in specific sector and send it out to the management to see if they are interested in participating in that year’s event as a sponsor.

Before I continue with my experience with the event industry, support my work by registering with Airmeet Event management software.

Previously, when I made a website to list webinar, events and conferences I realized people did not had time to visit my website as there are numerous event directories and some even list events specific to an industry. So, to rank in Google with a simple blog is impossible.

But my love to create a simple events directory was always making me do something about it. Through this website, you will be able to look for events specific to your industry and also find the best event management software to conduct webinar, conferences and hybrid events.

I am looking for a monthly sponsor to hire someone to work on this website.

Write to me to sponsor – [email protected]

You can also write to me to feature your event and to make promo videos for your event

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