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This is Venkat. I do simple promo videos, video editing and social media design for events, conferences, and webinars. I created EventsDirectory.co as I love the event industry. I also enjoy guiding event professionals in choosing the right event management software. If there’s any opportunity to work for you, please hire me. 

Feel free to skip questions you don’t feel appropriate.

1.Tell us about your event management company.

2.When was it founded and how many events do you organize per year.

3.What kind of events are you specialized it. Tell us in detail about the services you offer.

4.What’s the flagship event which you organized in past and how was the experience?

5.A few words about event management software or technologies you use.

6.Which locations do you serve?

7.How can people serve you.

Kindly email me along with couple of good resolution photographs.

[email protected]

I will also be happy to promote your event.